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Youth Coaching

Pace Fitness offers sport-specific, youth coaching for high school and college athletes.  Our programs target muscle conditioning, speed and agility, dynamic warm-up/flexibility, core conditioning, and plyometrics.

Sport-specific Training

We offer specific training regimes customized for muscle coordination, speed and agility.

Many dream of competing in an athletic event.  With your own personal coach, you can make that dream a reality.  Whether you're training for a specific sport, a 5k/10k run, a half or a full marathon, a triathlon, skiing, a grueling hike or just training to improve your golf or tennis game, your trainer will provide you with a plan for success.

Police and Firefighting Exams

If you're life mission is to save lives and contribute to the community in a meaningful way as a Police Officer or Firefighter, we can develop a training regimen to help you reach that goal.